“Bahadur Shah Zafar’s trial, January 27, 1858


Zafar tum jo chale gaye ho… Yaaron ki mehfilen sooni ho chuki hain..

January 27, 1858 is a crucial landmark in the historic cultural milieu of Delhi.
1857 central to happenings many, also stands as a witness to the fall of Bahadur Shah Zafar and Delhi.September 20 1857, marks the decline of Delhi with the arrest of Zafar at Humayun’s Tomb,who fell a prey to the false promises of the Britishers.Zafar’s sons were imprisoned and beheaded the following day and their heads were mockingly presented as pension before him.
Ironically Bahadur Shah Zafar underwent a trial in the same Deewan e Khas of the Red Fort,which had been the cynosure of Mughal glamor and finesse.The seat of Mughal dominance,chivalry and a home to the powerful ancestry saw the last emperor moving towards his end.
The trial lasted for a period of 21 days from January 27 1858 to March 9 1858.
This day marks the beginning of the famous historic trial of Zafar and his sad end.

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