“जली शाख के परिंदे” -The unheard stories of Mughal prince and princesses post 1857@Zafar Mahal


Our dear heritage enthusiasts,
We at Delhi Karavan, wish to share and express the warmth of relation we have shared for centuries with Dilli – Bait ul Fuqura (House of Fakirs).
The relation with Dilli is a mystical one and we have always endeavored to put across the warmth of this relation.
There has been an exploration of multiple,interesting topics for our walks and events.
Musafirs we have experienced moments of bustling laughters,unbreakable guffaws, and inexplicable silence.Often most events have left you rolling on your stomachs,however there have also been times when you were rendered silent and numb after the gravity of events,one such that we had today.
The narration has left most of us to ponder about certain pages of history from a different perspective.
Today’s “जली शाख के परिंदे” – event had a different significance.
We embarked on a path less traveled or unexplored.We as a group talked about that dark phase which is too gruesome as a reality.
We unravelled and talked about Prince and Princess who lead a miserable life and met a sad end.Royalty that sustained itself through harsh times,venerable princess who were raped, with these miserable incidents hushed over time.
Musafirs, we would also like to share that even though we lack the resources,yet we have been equipped with the finesse and knowledge to bring to you what is less talked or rather never talked at all.We gathered in an area which has housed the graves of so many lesser known of Prince and Princess and their lost and untold glory.
Dilli has not only been our home but has housed our relations and emotions over centuries.
Like usual, post today’s event we went to the Dargah of Qutub Sahab and explored the delicacy of the area.
A big thank you to all those who joined us on this journey and could partake the fun and experience.
However those who couldn’t join us today, we thank you for being in spirit.
Much love and blessings to all 🙂

Picture courtesy: Amaan Imam Ghazee

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